About larry

I have been in the design industry for 30 years. Some of the foundational constants in my life have been illustration and music. Both have influenced my approach to the creative process.

The creative process needs to inspire, motivate, energize, and entertain to perpetuate the spark of that next great idea. Concepts require reason, foundation and superb execution to become part of an overall integrated experience. Developing a strategic brand framework brings clarity and purpose, and reveals the true design direction to inform and inspire additional design avenues—some of which were not recognized from the outset. 

Over the past 30 years, my experience in identity, collateral systems, packaging and environmental engagements has been extensive. I have branded large corporations, developed guideline systems and packaging, and coordinated their campaigns and roll outs. In addition, I have designed proprietary products and containers for high profile clients.

For 16 years I was an employee of Hornall Anderson Design Works in Seattle, and before that I owned and operated my own small design firm in San Francisco.

I decided that it was time to pursue my own interests again, so I left Hornall Anderson in search of a better approach. I felt that my talents would be better utilized, and the experience would be more personally rewarding by offering better value and a more personal strategic approach to the design process.

With that said, Larry Anderson Design Associates LLC (LADA) was born. 

I am able to provide premier design solutions at a better cost with the one-on-one service that my clients deserve. I am a scalable office that can provide strategy and design solutions in collateral, identity, packaging, and environmental applications.

Let's discuss your specific needs.